Our Firm represents individuals, landowners, neighborhood groups and business entities needing strategic help and guidance with the powers and decisions of Local Governments, Commissions, Districts and Municipalities, especially in these areas:

Annexation Challenges
Forced Annexations

Development Agreements
Zoning Changes
Building Permits
Neighborhood Groups
Challenges to Ad Valorem Property Tax Appraisals
for Businesses and Individuals

Our Firm also represents Municipalities and Local Governmental entities dealing with strategic planning issues. We have also served as Special Counsel to cities, counties, and special districts on a variety of issues related to growth and development in the Austin and Central Texas area.  

We also assist Local Governments on a General Counsel basis, handling
 Texas Open Meetings Act and Texas Public Information Act matters, as well as general legal compliance and policy issues.  


* Recently and successfully represented WESTLAKE PENINSULA, an affluent neighborhood west of Austin, prevailing in major, high profile case opposing Annexation of Westlake Peninsula by the City of Austin.
* Favorably negotiated Annexation Agreements for neighborhoods being forcibly annexed, allowing them to maintain historic land uses.

* Successfully assisted Neighborhood Groups in opposing major changes to use of public property.

* Serve as General Counsel to Municipal Utility Districts, helping them comply with the codes which control local government operations.  

* Assisted multiple Hill Country land owners in successfully opposing municipal zoning changes which would have adversely affected their ability to develop waterfront property.

*Assisted a construction business in sucessfully opposing municipal code enforcement actions which would have severely curtailed its business operations.

*Counselled municipality in identifying and determining its re-zoning options for a large former industrial tract which due to growth now sits in the middle of a highly desirable development area.