Dear Distinguished Friends and Colleagues --

On behalf of the many valued Clients of Borgelt Law, this message from Our Firm is to lawyers looking to change to a new Firm and find great satisfaction in being a distinguished member of the Texas legal profession.

It is a great time to practice law, particularly in Austin and Central Texas where continued strong economic growth is projected. Technology is also dramatically changing the practice of law, bringing with it new levels of competitiveness and operational efficiencies which are proving advantageous as we diligently serve the Clients of our Firm.  

Yet the future still belongs to "the best and the brightest" who bring pre-eminent legal ability and highest ethical standards to each Client engagement.  This is our emphasis at Borgelt Law, where we are providing top-ranked legal services within reach of the budgets of entrepreneurs, individuals, private businesses and public governmental entities, as well as new enterprise looking to do business in Texas.

If you are ready to start and build your law practice, or if you are ready for greater challenge and earnings than now realized at your current firm or governmental agency, we welcome discussing possibilities of employment aligned with Borgelt Law.

We can be reached by phone at 512/600-3467 or 512/870-7533.

Kindest regards,

Principal and CEO
Borgelt Law

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